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    • Coronavirus live news: US reports 50,000 new cases as WHO warns on Middle East
      Worst-hit nation records another new daily record of infections; Middle East at ‘critical threshold’ says health body; NZ health minister David Clark resigns. Follow all the latest updatesCalifornia rolls back reopening of bars and restaurantsGlobal report: first tourists arrive in Greece as Brazil cases hit 60,000Oxford offers world best hope of vaccine this year, UK […]
    • Paying the Land by Joe Sacco review – a triumph of empathy
      The painful history of the Northwestern Territory’s indigenous people takes the celebrated cartoonist away from AK47s and mortar shells, and into a different kind of warThere is a moment, in his 2003 collection Notes from a Defeatist, when you can see Joe Sacco finding out exactly what he was meant to do. The pieces have […]
    • Airplane! at 40: the best spoof comedy ever made?
      The tirelessly joke-packed 1980 film might have dated in some ways but its relentless desire to amuse still makes it an undeniable winnerEven in the anarchic heyday of the Marx brothers at Paramount Pictures, when they turned out vaudevillian free-for-alls such as Horse Feathers and Duck Soup, or Mel Brooks parodies like Blazing Saddles or […]
    • What if we treated Confederate symbols the way we treated the defeated Nazis? | John Semley
      It would be absurd for the grandkids of Nazis to drive cars with swastika bumper stickers. Yet something similar happens in the US all the timeEarlier this month, amid America’s ongoing confrontation with its racist legacy – which has seen monuments to Jefferson Davis toppled, the Mississippi state flag lowered, Gone With the Wind pulled […]
    • Inheritance review – preposterous and paper-thin New York thriller
      The daughter of a dead tycoon is cheated of her rightful millions and bequeathed a mysterious inhabited bunker in this implausible caperIt’s bold of Lily Collins, daughter of Phil Collins, to star in a psychological thriller called Inheritance. She stars as Lauren Monroe, dynasty scion and – despite looking all of 12 years old – […]
    • ‘I saw so much killing’: the mental health crisis of South Sudan refugees
      Therapy is helping some of the thousands forced over the border to Uganda to cope, but funding shortfalls mean resources are becoming scarcerAs darkness fell, Rebecca closed the door to her makeshift home. The day was over.The 29-year-old, who had been uprooted from South Sudan to a north Ugandan refugee settlement, sat on the bed […]
    • The thin, white lie: challenging the 'French women' stereotype
      The seductive Parisienne has become a symbol of national identity and inspired countless books - but some writers are speaking out against a harmful, exclusive mythWhat comes to mind when you hear the word “Parisienne”? For most of us, the female in the French capital is, historically, a familiar figure: stylish, seductive and cultured, whiling […]
    • Vladimir Putin wins Russia vote that could let him rule until 2036
      Russians back amendments including constitutional mention of ‘faith in God’, pension and minimum wage boosts and a ban on gay marriage The Kremlin and its supporters have won a controversial vote to amend the constitution and reset Vladimir Putin’s term limits, potentially allowing him to rule as president until 2036.The ad-hoc vote, which did not […]
    • Scots Gaelic could die out within a decade, study finds
      Language is used routinely only by a diminishing number of elderly islandersA casual visitor to Scotland might assume that the Gaelic language is thriving, with every police car carrying the word poileas and every ambulance ambaileans. Yet in the few places where it is spoken, the language is in a profound, potentially terminal crisis.Without radical […]
    • Unseen Picasso portrait of lover and muse to appear at auction
      Sotheby’s will auction 1931 charcoal drawing that shines light on artist’s affair with Marie-Thérèse Walter A tender and largely unseen portrait by Picasso of his lover and muse Marie-Thérèse Walter, which the artist personally kept until his death, is to appear at auction for the first time.The 1931 charcoal drawing shines light on one of […]
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