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  • یک ایرانی عضو آکادمی سلطنتی سوئد (نوبل ادبیات) شد.
  • آکادمی سلطنتی سوئد ژیلا مساعد، شاعره‌ی ایرانی‌تبار و اریک رونه‌سون، نویسنده و قاضی دیوان عالی سوئد را به عنوان دو عضو جدید خود برگزید. کارل گوستاو، پادشاه سوئد نیز موافقت خود را با عضویت آن دو اعلام کرده است.
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    • MPs press Hunt to take action against Saudis over Khashoggi affair
      Exclusive: Representatives of all opposition parties say ministers must change stanceThe government is facing renewed pressure over its continued ties to Saudi Arabia following the death of Jamal Khashoggi and the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, after all five main Westminster opposition parties signed an unprecedented joint letter calling for a change of stance.The foreign affairs […]
    • Saudi Arabia has the most to lose from a sharp rise in oil prices | Larry Elliott
      With Riyadh dependent on arms supplies from the west, its threat to weaponise oil no longer works The Opec oil cartel chose its moment well. Inflationary pressures had been building in the global economy for years and stocks of crude were low. With Israel on top in the Yom Kippur war, Arab oil producers decided […]
    • Ardern's first year: New Zealand grapples with hangover from Jacindamania
      In her first speech, the PM hailed a new beginning but 12 months later transformative change is yet to be seen“We believe capitalism must regain its human face, and that conviction deeply influenced our decision.”So said Winston Peters, the kingmaker politician who lent his support a year ago to Labour’s rising star, Jacinda Ardern, after […]
    • Usain Bolt's agent says he has been offered Mariners deal, coach is unaware
      Ricky Simms says former sprinter has been offered dealMike Mulvey: ‘I don’t know anything about it’Usain Bolt’s agent Ricky Simms has said that the eight-time Olympic sprint gold medalist has received an A-League contract offer from the Central Coast Mariners however the club’s manager, Mike Mulvey, said he knew nothing about it.“In response to the […]
    • How should Mourinho fix Manchester United’s defence? By attacking
      Manchester United seem incapable of doing the thing José Mourinho’s teams are renowned for so the manager must change his approachThere are times when you wonder whether the gods of football have almost too pronounced a sense of irony. Not content with a script that pitted an under-pressure José Mourinho against a series of ghosts […]
    • Risk-taking artists defy Thai taboos at Bangkok Art Biennale
      Inaugural event tackles often-censored topics such as sex work and Thailand’s war-torn southStanding in a massage parlour in the seedy glow of red strip lighting, Pueng turns to the camera. “I have a dream, to build a new house for my family,” she says. “Then I can open a small grocery shop”. It is a […]
    • 'Silly question!' Mike Leigh interviewed by our readers and famous fans
      The acclaimed director talks to Tim Lewis about his new film, Peterloo, and, further down, answers questions about creative freedom, beards, James Bond - and what Rada didn’t teach himMike Leigh sits before me, in his Soho office, a man without regrets – certainly with regard to his work, but probably in most aspects of […]
    • Is it ethical to raise a royal baby in captivity? | Stewart Lee
      Plans to exhibit Prince Harry’s offspring in London Zoo’s disused penguin pool raise disturbing moral questionsRoyal babies are baked to order, like lucky pies, to provide gurgling distractions in times of crisis. Last week, the world’s scientists agreed we have 12 years to limit the worst climate change damage or face mass extinction. Within days, […]
    • Pioneer of women's football in Mexico is latest victim of Tijuana violence
      Marbella Ibarra founded the country’s first professional club for women. The discovery of her bound and brutalised body made her a statistic in her home town’s violent recent history Marbella Ibarra was football mad in a machista country where women’s sport is often given short shrift. But with a combination of thick skin, a gift […]
    • How Agatha Christie’s wartime nursing role gave her a lifelong taste for poison
      Many of the writer’s novels involve murder by toxic substance. First world war records detail where she got the inspirationAgatha Christie loved her poisons, whether a glass of champagne spiked with cyanide, a dose of lethal strychnine doled out at a country manor house, or, at the heart of her A Caribbean Mystery, some cosmetics […]
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