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  • پس از مریم میرزاخانی، یک ریاضیدان ایرانی دیگر برنده جایزه فیلدز شد.
  • کوچر بیرکار ریاضیدان ایرانی‌تبار متولد شهر مریوان استان کردستان موفق شد به عنوان دومین ایرانی در تاریخ مهمترین جایزه جهان در حوزه ریاضیات را از آن خود کند.     نسیم توسعه به نقل از ایسنا:  کوچر بیرکار ریاضیدان ایرانی‌تبار متولد شهر مریوان استان کردستان موفق شد به عنوان دومین ایرانی در تاریخ مهمترین جایزه […]
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    • Letter in Utrecht getaway car may suggest terror motive
      Dutch officials find evidence in car of main suspect in shooting that killed threeDutch prosecutors have said they are seriously considering a possible terrorist motive for the shooting in Utrecht, and have so far been unable to find a link between the main suspect and the three people who were killed.The regional public prosecutor’s office […]
    • Do not give Christchurch suspect notoriety, urges Jacinda Ardern – video
      New Zealand’s prime minister has said she will never speak the name of the Christchurch attack suspect, and urged the public to remember the victims’ names instead. Addressing parliament for the first time since Friday’s attack, Jacinda Ardern said the accused would face ‘the full force of the law’• Ardern says she will never speak […]
    • Japanese Olympic chief to quit amid corruption allegations scandal
      Tsunekazu Takeda denies claims relating to payments to consultancy linked to son of disgraced ex-Olympic officialThe president of the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) has said he will resign amid allegations of corruption over Tokyo’s successful bid to host the 2020 Games.Tsunekazu Takeda, 71, who will also step down from the International Olympic Committee, has denied […]
    • Andre Williams: farewell to R&B's raunchiest raconteur
      The midwestern singer, who has died aged 82, worked with everyone from Berry Gordy to thrash punks – and arguably invented rap musicAndre Williams died in Chicago on Sunday aged 82 after being diagnosed with colon cancer two weeks earlier. To most people, his name will be unfamiliar, but to me he was one of […]
    • Far-right Israeli campaign ad jokes of 'fascism' perfume
      Video appears to make light of accusations of ultranationalist and authoritarian politicsIsrael’s far-right justice minister has released a campaign video for forthcoming elections in which she poses in a mock advertisement for a perfume called “Fascism”.The move appears to make light of criticism – including accusations of fascism – of Ayelet Shaked’s attempts to restructure […]
    • Love Death & Robots review – prestige TV with added sexbots
      Perfect for anyone with a low attention span, David Fincher’s pic’n’mix show is short, satisfyingly wicked and self-consciously NSFWIf being online constantly has hacked away at our attention spans, commissioning the future-shock pic’n’mix Love Death & Robots seems like a smart move by Netflix. This is prestige TV in convenient pill form: a sprawling anthology […]
    • May could still hold another vote on her deal, says Brexit secretary
      Stephen Barclay says vote possible if PM agrees terms of article 50 extension with EUToday’s latest political developments - live updatesThe Brexit secretary, Stephen Barclay, has insisted the prime minister may be able to hold another vote on her Brexit deal if she agrees the terms of an article 50 extension with the EU, believing […]
    • Welcome to hell, fellas! Now the world of fashion is coming for you, too | Arwa Mahdawi
      After centuries of women being given rigid rules about how they should dress, a recent article in the Observer gave men similar advice – and it didn’t go over wellI’m going to let you in on a little secret about the Feminist Agenda™: we’re not actually too bothered about equal rights and bodily autonomy and […]
    • Chattanooga FC: the US club with 2,000 owners around the world
      The Tennessee club sold more than $500,000 in shares in a month. They believe they have tapped into a market for fans who want a stake in their teamStefan Szymanski is a professor of sport management at the University of Michigan, the author of the much-lauded Soccernomics, and a supporter of Detroit City FC of […]
    • She bangs: what Jenny Lewis’s fringe tells us about her musical direction
      From fluffy child actor to blunt and beyond, the singer’s hair always corresponds with where she’s at creativelyAlt-icon Jenny Lewis is back! A perfect opportunity, then, to look into how the length and cut of the singer-songwriter’s bangs (the infinitely cooler American word for a fringe, guys) corresponds with where she’s at musically – honest. […]
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