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  • فعالان حقوق بشر عراق روز شنبه در گزارشی از کشته شدن ۶۳ نفر در این کشور در اعتراضات ضد دولتی دو روز اخیر خبر دادند، تعداد زخمی ها در این جریان نا آرامی های مذکور  بیش از ۲۵۰۰ نفر برآورد شده.
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    • Coronavirus live news: pubs reopen in England, as cases spike again in Victoria
      Fourth of July holiday weekend starts 53,000 new cases on Friday; WHO changes timeline of how it was alerted to virus; England’s pubs reopen. Follow all the developments liveWhat we’re learning about Covid as US states open upHow Victoria’s outbreak divided AustraliaScotland and Wales attack UK government’s shambolic travel changes 7.29am BST Victoria police are […]
    • Global report: WHO changes timeline on virus alert as cases top 11m
      UN health body says it found out about the outbreak itself, not via Chinese officials; US cases increase 53,000 on Friday; English pubs reopenCoronavirus latest updatesThe World Health Organization was alerted to the coronavirus crisis by its own office in China, and not by the local authorities, according to reports, as worldwide cases of Covid-19 […]
    • Fit in my 40s: this tennis ball launcher’s got me running like a jackrabbit | Zoe Williams
      It’s a much better workout than a regular game of tennis – it’s tireless, consistent and it doesn’t have feelingsIn the great list of things I would never have considered without a lockdown, the tennis ball launcher is probably in the top 10. Why have a Slinger Bag when you could have a partner? Why […]
    • France this summer: four under-the-radar holiday regions
      France will be a popular option for a post-lockdown break, and is big enough to offer lots of places where crowds can be avoided• Quiet regions of Spain and ItalyWith Europe set to reopen to Brits, the first place many will think of heading for a summer holiday is across the Channel. France has moved […]
    • Banking apps: what do they offer – and how is your cash protected?
      A string of online services provide products similar to banks, but they may not be regulated in the same wayWhen the Financial Conduct Authority ordered the UK arm of payments firm Wirecard to freeze customer funds, hundreds of thousands of people who had probably never even heard of the company suddenly found they could not […]
    • Reel challenge: what will cinema look like after lockdown is relaxed?
      Blockbusters such as Tenet and Mulan are slated for a summer release, but the future of film is shrouded in uncertaintyModern Toss on cinemas reopening from 4 July ...Cinema is back at last! Less with a big, cannonball splash off the high board than a tentative, slow-motion easing in, as if entering a very cold […]
    • Blind date: 'My dad burst into the room – he likes to do that when I’m on Zoom'
      James, 24, market researcher, meets Elizabeth, 26, app executiveWhat were you hoping for?An evening’s break from my family. Continue reading...
    • Use up bruised stone fruit in this boozy crumble-alike – recipe | Waste not
      Stone fruit is easily bruised in transit and goes off easily, but the Americans have long had a solution for that in the intriguing, boozy, breadcrumbed dessert they call a fruit bettyOn my ceaseless hunt for thrifty recipes, I was particularly excited to discover a new classic American dessert called the brown betty. It’s a […]
    • ‘I was wailing over the fence’: what single parents learned from lockdown
      As Covid-19 hit, many solo parents found their support networks suddenly gone. How did they fare? On day two of lockdown, bone tired after an anxiety-induced sleepless night, I sliced into my forefinger trying to cut through a frozen bagel. I cleaned the wound, dressed it as best I could, and prayed it would heal. […]
    • Tim Dowling: I’ve got a serious parcels habit – do I have to kick it?
      I find it easier to get up every morning and carry on if I suspect something might be delivered that dayI have ordered many things over the course of lockdown, not because I need them, but because I find it easier to get up every morning and carry on if I suspect something might be […]
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